The dispute under this heading may arise between the owner, Contractor, Engineer, designer or and sub-contractors.  The relevant agreement is the agreement between the parties.  Generally in this kind of transaction, the parties agree International FIDIC forms of contracts Conditions and so when a dispute arises,  Article 20 of FIDIC Form of Contracts and Conditions deal with the Dispute resolution and under Article 20.6 of the FIDIC Form of Contracts and Conditions the matter will be referred to arbitration.


However, the parties in dispute may not have signed for International FIDIC forms of contracts and conditions and may have drafted and agreed their own terms.  The parties can go to arbitration if they have agreed in their agreement to go to arbitration or parties can agree to go to arbitration with a submission Clause even after the dispute arises.


Applerose handles the constructions disputes relating to:

  • Buildings; offices, factories, warehouses, shops, hotels, homes and housing,
  • Civil Engineering work; Harbors, railroads, mines, roads, bridges, dams,
  • Industrial Facilities: Oil refineries, Chemical Engineering Plants, Coal and gas fired power Plants

Specialist Engineering; Ship building, aircraft, aircraft engines.